Jon Svinghammar proved himself to be a judicious and emotionally gripping conductor. (Online Merker 13.3.22)

The orchestra plays with lively tempi and great beauty of sound under the direction of Jon Svinghammar. (Kleine Zeitung)




The Swedish conductor Jon Svinghammar was recently  described by the press for his celebrated new production of the opera Carmen at the Slovenian National Theatre Maribor as a ”judicious and emotionally gripping conductor” (Online Merker 19.3.22). The Kleine Zeitung commented: “the orchestra plays with lively tempi and great beauty of sound under the direction of Jon Svinghammar“.

He had great success recently as guest conductor at the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen, as a tutor and conductor at concerts in the Suena Festival in Vienna for Hispanic contemporary music and at Grafenegg with the JSO Niederösterreich. He was chosen to conduct the memorial concerts for two important austrian personalitites, the famous artist and composer Hermann Nitsch in Nitsch museum and the writer Leo Mazakarini at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna.  J. Svinghammar also conducted the opening concert of the Inter-Parliamentary Union World Congress at the Vienna Hofburg. Future engagements includes among others a concert serie with the South Denmark Philharmonic  and a performance of Aida at the austrian opera festival Oper Burg Gars.

Since 2018, he has been director of the coaching staff and conductor of Austria´s Festival Oper Burg Gars, and music director of the contemporary group ensemble-N. Since 2021 he is closely connected as a tutor and conductor to the project “Accademia Vicino” which recieved the Austrian European State Prize for Culture 2022 from the Austrian government. Read More


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